Calling All Skeletons And Why

All people have skeletons, whether they are in the form of depression, anxiety, PTSD, life stress, or that bone structure that makes up a body.


The song “Calling All Skeletons” by Alkaline Trio is the inspiration behind the title of my blog. I felt inspired by this song title because it seems to emphasize the reality of the human condition. All people have skeletons, whether they are in the form of depression, anxiety, PTSD, life stress, or that bone structure that makes up a body. My point is that everyone has different challenges in life that effect mental well-being. Often, society sends us the message that these challenges should be treated as skeletons. These skeletons are something to be ashamed of, hidden or stigmatized. As someone studying to be a therapist, I think it is important to acknowledge your skeletons so that you can work through them. To me, calling all skeletons is a phrase that symbolizes bringing everything to the table, from your pain to your joy and everything in between. This blog will be dedicated to musings about mental health and all things directly and indirectly related.

One thought on “Calling All Skeletons And Why

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say that I think your blog is such a cool idea and thank you so much for all of your posts so far. It’s really interesting, because some friends of mine and I were just talking tonight about mental illness and the pros/cons of outdoor/wilderness therapy programs. My friends worked on staff in a program for a few years, and the stories of kids they worked with seriously blew me away.
    I really loved your post on Demi Lovato and her courage to speak out about her struggles. I used to struggle with an eating disorder, and I think Demi’s willingness to be vulnerable and open can model to all the girls who look up to her. Just showing them that they don’t have to face their ‘skeletons’ by themselves. So thank you, and I’m really excited to read more of your posts as they come!

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